Friday, May 18, 2012

sock rip out..

My one sock that i had done well it looked ok i mean it was my 1st one but i do not like the heel flap turning the heel. & i had started the 2nd sock but stopped where it was time to put the front stitches on to a stitch holder well it sat there for almost 2weeks I really do not like that way of doing I have decided to do an after thought heel.. Makes so much more sense to me.. so i am ripping out the sock

Take on Spinning..

I have gotten really into the spinning my own yarn.. I have to thank spinning blogs & knitting blogs that also dipped into the spinning that got my attention.. so you have seen my homemade spindle.. well I still have not purchased one.. & & I don't plan to anytime soon.. I did how ever get my sister into spinning & I have gotten my hub interested in helping me make spindles, he likes the Turkish spindle. so that is a work in progress.. but i do have some of my own hand spun yarn
So i rally hope to continue on with this because it's relaxing, it helps me to respect my yarn for my project, & I like that I make it. & did you know that it's biblical, in Proverbs 31:17-19. I know that not all people who spin yarn do it because of that.. & I respect that of fellow spinners..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1 down 1 to go.. socks

I have read alot lately of knitters knitting socks well i have never done it for #1 i don't like working with tiny yarn, true i said it.. i just feel like it will take a lot before i see any kind of accomplishment. #2 i misplace socks so whats the point in all that time & $ in something that just might get lost any way.. well i put reasons 1 & 2 aside and have 1 sock knitted so far. we will see how the other comes along.. & i don't think it will be the only pair i make

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Making Of A Hat

So I started making this hat 2nights ago this photo was from yesterday morning

I was able to work on it which is surprising & got a little more
through out the day

so now that i am at 36 hrs after i started this is where i am i hope it will end up fitting me..

now i have hit the 48hr mark from when I started this hat.I will keep knitting couse it is going to be a slouchy.. total length is 6 1/2 ins.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Make your own Drop Spindle

so I was reading some blogs, of course that is where most ideas spark from. & I was taken by spinning yarn. Then that moved me to youtube videos on spinning, prepping the roving & technique. so I looked into spindle prices. Well I ran into a problem given I was just wanted to test to see if I like spinning the spindles were a little pricey, I figured if i really like it I will invest more $ later. So being crafty my next thought was I will make my own drop spindle. So I spent a total of $8. that's 1/2 the price of the cheapest spindle you can buy. With this $8.00 you can make 4 spindles. So you can share the spinning fun with friends. All items from local craft store
Items Dowel Rods - 10PK 12''x1/4' $1.99
Wood Shapes-Toy Wheel, 1/4 Hole 1 x3/8 there are 2 sizes $2.99
Tie Back Hooks -6/Pkg $1.99

items on hand sand paper & drill
if you have a piece of sand paper that would be great to smooth out the dowel.
remember to use the drill to hallow out dowel before screwing in hook to avoid
splitting the dowel..

Friday, February 24, 2012

It has been a lot of fun lately I have been knitting hats Mohawk hats & they are looking amazing.. i have been enjoying some movies the Courageous movies Christmas With A Capital C & Marriage Retreat all are just amazing they will all make you laugh cry & think about what you are or are not doing that you feel you should be.. all while knitting can't for get that part

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Busy, Knit, Busy, Kitting.

So I haven't posted any of the knit projects I've been working on because I knew they were Christmas gift's but now that it's after Christmas I can share the goods. & they were fun i want to really get selling but it will take just a little time

Even time to knit some for me.. (i later gave them to my friend)

& yes I am already working on more fun stuff not just fingerless gloves, but mohawk hats & reading I have some political books that I haven't been able to get into with all the holiday knitting...